About us
About us

Astro Tower (Shanghai) funders pioneered tower sharing business in China since 2007. Ever since the MIIT issued document 235 in 2008, the team has worked closely with carriers around the country. After years of exploring and practicing we now have a complete system of telecom tower colocation and sharing solutions. To date we have provided service in many provinces and with all carriers in China. As sharing infrastructure became more and more popular, our specialized service became more and more needed by carriers.  

We have greatly reduced tower repeated building through our professional planning, in the meantime our landscape towers blend in with all city sceneries very well. It was not only appreciated by carriers but also highly praised by local authorities for the contribution we made in decorating the city and emission reducing.


Our headquarter located in Shanghai. The holding company AstroTower Shanghai co,ltd.Jiangsu Subsidiary Sanyuan telecom tech Shanghai co,ltd. Guangxi Subsidiary Guilin Hanzhi leasing co,ltd. Our main business is leasing towers and site properties to 3 carriers of China. The executive team was the first tower pioneers in China and had more than 15 yers of telecom industry experience. We adopt the best practice in the international market and have access to global capital market. With flexible solutions, efficient team, high quality and quick response we have became the pillar of the industry in the cities we have presence.

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We focus on tower operating alone to serve carriers and contribute to greener cities and energy saving\emission reducing.The very first professional team with years of telecom industrial experience.Knowing the best practice both in domestic and international tower market.The company were rewarded many honors from carriers and local authorities.

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